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Hollow Hills Explorers Series


Join Faith and the Hollow Hills Explorers as they solve the mystery of the strangest happenings occuring right in their very own neighborhood. 

A story filled with magic and mystery and the unknown. 

Sasquatch Did it! The Explorers take off with their dogs to investigate the discovery of a very large foot print. Tracking this new discovery through forests, and into other dimentions!

Missing in the Hollows in this 2nd book in the hollow jills explorers series, a student goes missing! Can Faith, Dalton, Finn and Oliver follow the trail and evidence that Callie left behind, even if they have to go through a mysterious portal?!

Diary of a teen explorer Faith Clancy knows something mysterious is happening at Hollow Hills Middle School. Join her as she shares her diary as she begins her 8th grade year at a new school. Read her writings to find out how she takes on bullies, and soon discovers the true meaning of trust, friendship, and believing in herself. 

Young adult age Fiction from Author Patricia Komar. 

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