Never did I imagine that I would be the owner of a gift store….let alone three.

I had moved to Harrison Hot Springs in 2016 and started looking around for a little business to start up for once I retired from the School Board in Maple Ridge. Harrison Hot Springs was a natural choice for me as I use to bring my children here every summer and it felt like a second home.

I met lots of wonderful people and looked into the opportunities in this area. This search landed me with my first little store in Agassiz. I quickly fell in love with the people and I have never met so many wonderful, friendly people with such huge hearts and sense of community. I soon realized my passion for this type of business and these communities. We started to grow and with wonderful staff members we opened our Harrison Hot Springs store….and just this last year our Baby and Toy store.

Wendy Baldwin, Founder of Blue Dandelion Stores

Our Team

Our staff members have been the main success in our growth. We all share very similar values of small business, community love and are all very open and friendly and enjoy what they do. We value shopping local and supporting other small business. We purchase and sell locally made products from approximately 40 different businesses.

Sue P.

Customer service, consignment guru

Sue loves fashion and helping customers find that perfect gift. She also manages our consignment stock.

Debbie C.


Debbie keeps our paperwork flowing and helps keep me on track!

Brenda M.

Customer Service, Receiving and Distribution

Brenda loves helping customers find that perfect gift and keeps our incoming product flowing to the right locations.

Lori B.

Customer service and Merchandizing

Lori has many years of experience in Customer service and merchandizing. We are all in awe of her magic and her ability to pivot on a moments notice.

Frances P.

Customer Service - Tourism

Frances is so knowledgeable of our Harrison River Valley area. Growing up in this area and working in Harrison for many years, she has developed a deep knowledge of history and events that she enjoys sharing with all. She is a First Nations elder and will be very happy to tell you about the Sasquatch!

Carynne N.

Customer Service and Assists with distribution/website

Carynne is a very talented artist and has been involved with both the Harrison and Agassiz Communities with her amazing window painting. She is a very talented Mom of some amazing kids. Carynne loves learning new things and always willing to go the extra mile to help.

We have an amazing team with each bring a unique set of skills and experience with them to the team. I truly feel blessed to have them all on board.