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Queen Bee Farms Loose Leaf Tea - Earl Grey Blends


Black tea available in a variety of Earl Grey.

Benefits: Black Tea (high caffeine) is a mental stimulant and has antioxidants.



WEST COAST LADY GREY- Vanilla Blueberry Lavender Black Tea “Earl Grey” 

Ingredients: Organically Grown - Assam Black Tea, Lavender buds, Blueberries, Lemon Peel, Bergamot Orange, Vanilla Bean, Blue Cornflowers.
Tasting Notes: Smooth, creamy Vanilla paired with the rich, bold tastes of Bergamot Orange, sweet Blueberries & Lavender.


LAVENDER LADY GREY-   Bergamot Lavender Black Tea

Ultimate fragrant black tea! Classic sweet, citrus taste of bergamot followed by the subtle flavour and scent of lavender. Lavender fields at sunset!

Pure, Natural Ingredients:Organically grown, estate-grown black tea, oil of bergamot, lavender flowers.

Benefits: Black Tea (high caffeine); black tea is a mental stimulant and has antioxidants; lavender promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and eases indigestion.


HIGHLAND MIST- Earl Grey Cream with Heather Flowers

Brisk, bold & misty, like that of the heather covering the misty moors of the Scottish Highlands.  Single Origin - Farm Direct - Tippy Assam

Pure, Natural Ingredients: Organically Grow, Full Leaf Assam Black Tea, Heather Flowers, with Bergamot Orange & Vanilla Bean


VICTORIAN EARL GREY- Craigdarroch Castle Premium Black Tea Blend

Inspired by our very own Victorian era architecture and how the sunlight reflects off of the jewel tones within the castles stain-glass windows. This precious, rich, exotic blend of the very best of Assam tea will truly tantalize the senses.

Pure, Natural, Ingredients: Organically Grown, Rare blend of organic single origin, Golden Tips Assamese Black Tea, Italian Bergamot Orange, Heritage Roses, Blue Cornflowers & Calendula Petals.


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