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Karla's Specialteas - Latté Blends


Available in 3 different blends. Free from artificial flavours, colours, GMO’s & gluten.    Approximately 25 cups of tea per tin.

Tumeric Latté - "Golden Milk Magic!  A Synergistic blend of herbs and spices that work together to create a powerhouse anti-inflammatory great for arthritis, digestion, pain and much more!"

Beetroot Latté - "Healthy never tasted so good!  Beet is a superfood packed with so many wonderful vitamins and trace minerals.  High in iron, calcium, vit C, B vitamins, magnesium, fiber and so much more!  It’s not only fantastic for heart health it can help regulated blood pressure, improve digestions and fight inflammation.  A perfected blend of organic ground beet, cinnamon, ginger and just a hint of clove."

Matcha Latté - "Loaded with antioxidants Matcha is not only beautiful it is so beneficial to your health!  From digestion and boosting brain function all the way to it’s known cancer prevention qualities…you can’t go wrong with incorporating yet another superfood latte to your routine!  Whisk up a latte or add a scoop to your favorite smoothie to enjoy some of the many benefits!"

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