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Karla's Specialteas - Herbal Infusions


Available in 9 different blends. Approximately 25 cups of tea per tin.

Midnight Mint - "A tranquil blend of spearmint, rose petals and lavender buds.  Naturally calming, this herbal medley makes a perfect evening tea and is wonderful for the digestive system."

Vanilla Honeybush - "Aromas of honey and Madagascar vanilla intertwine to create a blissful blend that is sure to deliver a smile.  Smooth and rich this South African plant is very similar to Rooibos. Naturally caffeine free, Honeybush is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals."

Pink Grapefruit - "Uplifting and refreshing, it’s reminiscent of a fresh squeezed grapefruit.  This tea is fantastic hot or iced…or as a Mar-Tea-Ni!"

Sangria - "An exciting herbal harmony with refreshing citrus notes.  Rich burgundy fills the cup moments after the steaming water awakens this tea.  This vitamin C power punch can help fight a cold and is superb served over ice with fresh citrus pieces."

Peach Paradise - "Peachy Keen!  You asked for a peach tea and it is finally here!  Beautiful fruit blend that is sure to dazzle you hot or iced.  Peach with a hint of tropical fruits and a light lemon verbena finish."

Mulling Spices - "Delight in the aromas of the holidays with this amazing blend of organic spices!  Simmer to make a spiced apple cider or mulled red wine and fill the house with festive cheer.  Absolutely all my favorite spices all in one place!  You will LOVE it!"

Lavender - "Organic Lavender that can be made into a soothing tea, used in baking or added to any of your favorite blends."

Peppermint - "Organic Peppermint for the mint purist!  Perfect to soothe an upset stomach or if you would like a tea that is invigorating and uplifting."

Chamomile - "Organic Chamomile is very calming, perfect cup of tea to sip before bed or when you just need a moment to unwind."

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