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Karla's Specialteas - Botanical Tonics


Available in 6 different blends. Free from artificial flavours, colours, GMO’s & gluten.    Approximately 25 cups of tea per tin.

Tumeric Tonic - "A Synergistic blend of herbs and spices that work together to create a powerhouse anti-inflammatory great for arthritis, digestion, pain and much more."

ImmuniTea - "Does your immune system need a little kick or do you feel a cold or flu coming on? Boost your immune system naturally with the power packed immune boosting blend."

Anti-Anxiety - "So very calming and soothing for the whole nervous system….also wonderful to help promote a great night’s sleep.  One of my favourite blends and beneficial for everyone. Caffeine free."

Lung Tonic - "The Lung Tonic was created to not only help tone and strengthen the lungs with chronic conditions in mind it is an amazing blend for acute use to help clear the lungs and fight off respiratory illness."

Throat Therapy - "Calm and soothe a sore throat with this wonderful blend of organic herbs and spices specially selected for their anti viral and anti bacterial properties.  Beautiful licorice spice flavour that is enhanced with a touch of honey."

Balance - "For all stages of a women’s cycle in life this blend is specially formulated to bring a gentle balance to female hormones."

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