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BrüMate | MultiShaker | 26oz


The MultiShaker is the most innovative shaker ever made; its 26oz, perfectly insulated, and includes an agitator / infuser that perfectly blends any protein, pre-workout, collagen, greens and more.

The infuser is perfect for blending Protein powders, keeping fruit in fruit infusions from blocking the drink spout, and using to strain tea bags so they don't get caught at the spout. 

The 26oz size makes it perfect for taking with you or keeping you hydrated at home or work, the leak proof lid keeps spills away as well. 



  • MagFlip™ Lid
  • Removable Agitator/Infuser
  • Ever Sip, Ice Cold
  • Cup Holder Friendly 
Width: 3.6"
Height: 9.5"
Capacity: 26oz

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